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Planet Blog > October 2010 > Air Passenger Duty set to rise to upto 55%

Virgin Atlantic has said today that the rise next week in the Air Passenger Duty (APD) airport departure tax could make family holidays "unaffordable for many”. The tax is automatically added to the price of your ticket when you book it.

This is what passengers will have to pay for APD from 1st November 2010, with the percentage increase on the rates introduced in November last year. Premium relates to prices for those travelling in premium economy, business class and and first class seats.

BAND A (0-2,000 miles from London) ECONOMY PREMIUM INCREASE
(inc. Europe) £11 £22 9%

BAND B (2,001-4,000 miles)
(inc. Egypt and USA) £60 £120 33%

BAND C (4,001-6000 miles from London) £75 £150 50%

(inc. Caribbean and South Africa)

BAND D (more than 6,000) £85 £170 55%
(inc. Australia and Singapore)

The mileage limits are just a rough guide as, for example, all trips to the US fall within one band, but trips to the Caribbean are charged at a higher rate. So this will mean that somebody who is flying eight hours to a Caribbean destination such as Barbados,  will pay £15 more tax  (£30 for those in premium seats) - than those who are travelling four hours further to Los Angeles.

The Chief Executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh has called the tax a "disgrace" and the travel industry body Abta will be continuing to lobby ministers in protest at the APD rises.

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