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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an enquiry, it's probable that we will have the answer below, if you still can't find the answer to your question, please contact us

Before You Book

What is the minimum age I need to be to hire a car?
This varies from rental to rental, however the standard age is 25-75, however most agents permit your drivers from 21-25, however a 'young driver' fee is often charged on arrival. More details can be found under 'rate details' at stage 2 of the booking process.

I have points of my license, can I still rent a car with you?
Yes - If you have over 6 points or have ever had a major endorsement on your license, such as drink driving you may not be eligible to rent, please contact us for more information.

Where do I collect the car?
The location of the car rental agent is found at quote stage 2 of the booking process. Directions to the agent are then supplied on the car rental voucher that is e-mailed to you upon booking. If this is a shuttle bus or meet and greet, instructions on where to collect and a local contact number will be provided.

What happens if my flight is delayed?
It is important that you supply your flight number when you book if arriving at an airport, this enable our agents to track flights and make local arrangements should your flight be delayed.

Will I have to pay for a full tank of fuel even if I don't use it all?
Rentals up to 3 days will have a pick up full / return full policy which means you must fill up the car before you return meaning you only pay for the fuel you use, failure to do so will lead to a surcharge. Longer rentals often have a pick up full / return empty policy and no refunds can be given for unused fuel. Some longer policies have a pick up full / return full policy so please do check. Full details for each rental / car can be found under 'rate details'.

Can I avoid the insurance excess?
Yes - We offer a zero excess insurance policy administered by Mondial Asisstance that reduces the insurance excess to zero. You will however still be required to leave the deposit (amount shown in rate details) on your credit card with the agent on collection. The only way to avoid leaving the deposit is to take up the agents own insurance excess waiver policy on arrival, however this is often significantly more expensive that our policy, details under 'rate details'.

I want a specific make and model of car, can you guarantee this?
No - we can only provide a car of similar specification / class. For example, if you want a VW Golf, we may supply another make and model of car in the same class. The number of doors and passenger / luggage capacity will be equal or above what is specified in the rental.

I don't have a credit card, can I still rent a car?
No - however if someone travelling with you had a credit card, we suggest you book the car in their name and you can drive the car as an additional driver (see quote for additional driver charges).

Can I take the car into another country?
Most rentals are permitted to cross borders, details of which countries are permitted are found in 'rate details' under 'Cross Border Travel'. A fee will be charged locally by the agent for number of days in another country to cover additional insurances required.

What ID do I need to take with me?
Please bring your full driving license (both photocard and counterpart if new style) and passport. If your driving license is not in the roman alphabet you will need an international driving license.

After You've Booked

My plans have changed, can I amend or cancel my policy?
Yes - please see our cancellation policy here.

What do I need to take with me to collect the car?
You must take your rental voucher (printed copy) along with your full driving license (both photocard and counterpart for new style driving licenses) and your passport. Failure to present adequate identification documents could lead to the car not being released by the rental agent.

I've not received a confirmation e-mail yet?
Rental vouchers are sent out automatically as soon as a rental is confirmed. If you have not yet received this, please check your junk / spam mailbox. You can print out a copy of your rental voucher in the 'Manage my Booking' portal here.

I need to add an additional driver to my rental, can I do this now?
You can arrange the additional driver and any other additional extras direct with the rental agent on arrival. For baby seats / ski racks please contact us so we can ensure availability of these prior to arrival.

When You Are Back

How do I claim on the Mondial Excess Reimbursement Policy
Please contact Mondial Insurance direct to register your claim. Full details are provided on the confirmation received from Mondial Insurance when you confirmed your rental and included the excess reimbursement policy

I am not happy with additional charges made by the rental agent
Please register your complaint by logging a 'ticket' with our customer support centre here. To assist us in responding to your enquiry, please provide full details and a scanned copy of the final invoice received from the rental agent.

I want to make another booking
Please book direct on our website, or call us on 0845 834 1055 to make another booking.

None of the above answer my question, what now?
Please contact us.

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